The Threatened Wonder

I came across an  interesting  article recently about how arsonists in Tanzania have disrupted the wildebeest migration and i just could not help but frown at how senseless and unsustainable human activities are threatening the environment.  According to scientists and  conservationists humans as the number one threat to the environment around them as a result of their activities i.e poaching, land encroachment, infrastructural development mining, farming  the list is endless. The  Serengeti and Maasai Mara ecosystem has come under threat lately from such activities lets look at a brief case study of this .

Serengeti Mara Highway

In 2005 the government stated that it would build the highway to help ease traffic and develop the country further despite warnings from conservationists and the tourism industry around the world. After debate and declaration that the United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization  would strip Serengeti off the title of World Heritage Site, the government decided to redirect the route to southern side of the park.

Highway set to cut across the Serengeti and in turn though the wildebeest migratory path

The stand-off between the conservationists  and the  Tanzanian Government on whether or not to build the Serengeti Highway that would cut right across the wildebeest Migration path. It makes me wonder whether Tanzania values the 7th wonder . The government says that during the  construction of the highway a gap will not be tarmacked for the wildebeests to pass.

” But that is not the point the animals will die as a result of collisions not mentioning the risk of increased poaching . Isn’t it so obvious?”

Tanga-Arusha-Musoma-Uganda Railway

Railway Across the Serengeti
Railway Across the Serengeti

Recently, as of  January 3rd 2012  China, Tanzanian and Uganda went into an agreement for the   construct of the Tanga-Arusha-Musoma-Uganda  Railway through the Serengeti and in turn across the Wildebeest Migration path. Later that same month the government decided to redirect the railway to the south after global pressure from  conservationists.

Fires In Serengeti Block Wildebeest Migration

The wildebeest migration into Kenya is  has since been slowed down by fires in the Serengeti allegedly  started by people living in the Serengeti area. The animals have tried crossing twice in vain.  Tanzania has declined the allegations that they intentionally started the fires. I do not mean to point a finger but i do not think they are doing enough to protect the migration.
This is just an example of how unsustainable human activities are threatening even the irreplaceable things in life that we need to protect for the generations to come to enjoy. We have the freedom to enjoy this wonder so it is our responsibility to make sure it survives.

“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today. ”

Abraham Lincon.

Whether it is turning off  water taps  when not in use , switching off the lights, not littering  etc responsibility starts with you.
Stand up today and be a hero for the environment.

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