Homestays in Kenya

Recently Kenya’s government has been  keen on  promoting  home stay visits as an accommodation option for tourists . Minister of tourism Dan Mwazo cited lessons from Malaysia,  the worlds best in home stay visits.  These home stay visits are meant  to economically boost underdeveloped regions of the  country.

“What exactly are home stay visits?”

The Merriam Webster Dictionary  defines the term home stay as a stay at a residence by a traveler and especially by a visiting foreign student who is hosted by a local family.

This is when a tourists visits a country and instead of living in a hotel he/she decides to stay with a local family for an arranged fee. The integration of the  tourist into the lives of the family results in a  richer cultural experience for the tourist This is because he/ she is present during cooking of  meals, cattle herding, farming among other daily activities of the family. This gives the tourists a more  authentic feel of the people’s way of life.

Here is a video of Malaysia’s incredible home stay experience that Kenya can most certainly learn from.

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