Saving the Giants- Do Something Already!!!

Kenya is losing a lot of elephants as a result of their senseless killing that is poaching, the government seems overwhelmed by the increasing cases of  wildlife poaching. Just last year the Kenya Wildlife Service claimed that about 275 elephants were killed. This brought about a whole debate between conservationists and the KWS as to exactly how many elephants were killed someone actually got arrested for airing  their opinion. The conservationists arguing that the government is intentionally giving the wrong figure. The government also blames the local people who are not working with them to report any cases of poaching. Ex NBA superstar Yao Ming was in the country e few weeks ago and shot a documentary in the Ol Pejeta conservancy that is home to four of the world’s remaining seven Northern white rhinos.  The documentary titled  “The End of the Wild”.

” I think it is our collective responsibility as humans to take care of the elephants and wildlife in general. Lets stop with the finger-pointing. DO SOMETHING ALREADY!!!!!!”


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