Our Endangered Relatives

king-kong-2005 Just the other day I  was watching the movie King Kong for the umpteenth time,  and a  friend of mine asked me how many gorillas are in the world and I could not answer him. So later  I went on-line and I found out that they are critically  endangered. Gorillas are our closets relatives among the primates. In fact their DNA is 98% like ours.  “Fascinating 😉 ”

Gorillas are divided into two main species the western and Eastern all of which are found in Africa‘s equatorial forests i.e the region between Uganda and the Congo. The two species are further subdivided into four species .

Among the four subspecies of gorilla is the mountain gorilla, it is the most threatened. The numbers stand at about 600 globally .  of which live in Uganda’s Bwindi National Park.Gorilla and baby

Gorillas live in family groups called troops with 15-45 member. The group is by a dominant male with a grey coating on his back hence the name silver back. Male gorillas may weigh up to 200kgs with the females weighing half that. An adult gorilla stands at 2 meters tall.Gorilla-massacre

Encroachment on their land and hunting for their bush meat are the gorillas biggest threats. Gorillas  are 10 times stronger than a strong adult male, so even if the movie was an exaggeration gorillas are fascinating creatures that need our protection.


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