Kenya now has 12 EcoTourism Gold rated camps

Kenya is championing Ecotourism

ATC News by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang H. Thome


(Posted 29th July 2014)
image0061 image0061

EcoTourism Kenya has just announced that four more of Kenya’s finest camps have passed the audit marks for the coveted ‘Gold Status’ making it 12 overall across the country’s national parks and game reserves. This attests to the quality of operational standards as well as for the strict application of a range of environmental mitigation measures to ensure the lowest possible impact on the surrounding areas and the use of state of the art technologies to reduce their carbon footprint.

Gamewatcher Safaris was awarded ‘Gold Status for the Amboseli Porini Camp, Cottars 1920 Mara Camp too attained the pass marks as did Kicheche Mara Camp and the Sanctuary Olanana.

Additionally do 55 camps and lodges hold EcoTourism’s ‘Silver Status’ and a further 32 properties now hold ‘

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