Plea For Wildlife

As a I mentioned earlier I love wildlife and nature in general and if it’s about proper use of resources as well as conservation I am with the cause.

Elephants-under rainbow

Estimates show that Africa is losing its wildlife  by the thousands to poaching. We all need to work together to help stop this destruction of the environment. I always think about how i want  my kids and grand kids to enjoy the wildlife and beautiful scenery that we seem to take for granted.



Lions are vanishing from the savannah grass lands at an alarming rate. According to the Kenya Wildlife Service there were 2,749 lions in Kenya in 2002 and their population dropped to 2,280 by 2004 and to about 2,000 today. Kenya is losing an average of 100 lions per year.


South Africa is home to more than 20,000 rhinos, or about 90% of all the rhinos in Africa,  in 2012 it lost 455 rhinos to poachers eclipsing the 448 killed in 2011.

The street value of rhinoceros horns has soared to about $65,000 a kilogramme , making it more expensive than gold. The horns are worth £60,000 a kilo on the black market…

In 2012 Kenya Wildlife Service estimated that about 275 elephants were killed by poachers…

Killing wildlife like this is just not right it CRAZY!!!

So I decided to dedicate a page for wildlife to address this issue that is worsening by the day. It is heart wrenching to see bleeding wildlife carcasses after poachers have had their way.


One thought on “Plea For Wildlife”

  1. I wrote a paper last week about the revival of elephant poaching. I signed a petition that resulted in Thailand ending its sale of ivory. Thank you for posting this information. I am a firm believer that what happens across the globe is happening to us all, no matter where we are. We are one species on one planet with finite resources. We depend on one another – whether or not people realize, acknowledge, or believe it.

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