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Kenya’s tourism set torecieve $ 2.4M boost

The Tourism sector has in the recent past suffered as a result of the travel advisories issued  by tourist source countries. The advisories come in the wake of violent attacks by Islamist militias.

In response to this, the government came up with a Tourism Recovery Strategy committee  to help the sector recover.

SafariThe committee is comprised of  various professionals who will suggest strategies to move the sector  forward.Through the committee the sector is set to receive $2.4m boost from the government to help in its  recovery.


Ms. Kandie, Cabinet Secretary for East African Affairs, Commerce and Tourism released the performance results for 2013 tourism sector that show a significant drop in the country’s largest income earner.

Kenya safari beach

Total international arrivals for the year by air and sea dropped by 11.7 per cent to close at 1.09 million down from 1.23 million recorded in 2012 while Jomo Kenyatta International Airport arrivals dropped by 14 per cent to 900,000 from 1.047 million recorded in 2012.

Medical Tourism- a neccesity in Kenya??????

There is story in the Nairobi Star of  Hoteliers in Kenya’s Coast reporting a rise cases in cancer cases among the poor and calls for the further development of  Medical tourism.

“I think this is a good idea that would not only benefit the sick but as a way of developing the country’s tourism sector . Lets take a look at medical tourism around the globe and what we could learn from…”

Health tourism

What is health tourism about and where can you get it?

Medical tourism involves one traveling to a foreign country in search of medical services e.g specialized surgeries, transplants etc. Medical tourism/ health tourism also refers to the travels done by a doctor when providing medical services e.g when a doctor from a foreign country comes to treat a specific patient. A lot of countries in the word have embraced this type of tourism and in fact there are medical tourism destinations that are globally recognized for their outstanding services.


Lets take a look at some of the best.


Australia is a destination for affordable cardio, neurological and orthopedic surgeries.


China has emerged as a leader in medical tourism  especially in stem cell and genetic research.


Malaysia is known for its specialized Eye care center and is a medical tourism hub that boasts of being the most visited medical tourism destination by UK patients, attracting 8.5% of all UK medical tourists.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is widely known for its advancements in dental and cosmetic procedures.  It is one of the best in the Americas.


Known for its low prices on medical procedures i.e liver,heart etc transplants. Critics claiming  that Indian medical practitioners are using stolen body parts.


Israel is not only known for its world-famous therapeutic resort in the Dead Sea but for a variety of medical procedures like organ transplants, eye surgery etc.


Japan is emerging as a leader in the treatment of cancer globally.


Korea, according to Planet Hospital, is known for its treatments. South Korea has earned a reputation for spinal surgeries, cancer screening, treatments, orthopedic work and cosmetic surgeries.


Mexico is  known for convenient and affordable  dental procedures and surgeries like hip replacements.


Singapore is known for its world-class medical facilities that offer cardiovascular treatments etc.  In 1997 (published 2000), the World Health Organization ranked Singapore’s health care system sixth best in the world and the highest ranked system in Asia.


Treatments for medical tourists in Thailand range from cosmetic, organ transplants, cardiac, and orthopaedic treatments to dental and cardiac surgeries. Treatments also include spa, physical and mental therapies. Thailand also offers the controversial sex change surgery.

health tourism globe

Sex Tourism a Sickening Vice

Earlier this year i got  the opportunity to visit Kenya’s South Coast and honestly we have some of the best beaches you will see anywhere.

Tiwi beach-South Coast Kenya

” Yes I know I come from Nairobi City where of course there are no beaches and anything that resembles  the Ocean and beach  automatically becomes breathtaking.  This place is beautiful”

Chale_Island-Soth Coast Kenya
Kenya’s beach safari has a lot to offer to the tourist looking for a unique and unforgettable experience.

” I remember throughout my month-long visit in the coast  I visited the beach daily.”

Most of the tourists visiting Kenya from abroad are pensioner looking for to have the trip of a lifetime in their sunset years. On my daily visits to the beach I would see  these old visitors ogling and being overly polite and I just assumed they were having a good time.

I began noticing these young men with monstrous physiques and dreadlocks walking next to very old women. Young girls were also doing the same with very old men. The locals told me that these girls and boys  offer sex for  pay to this pensioners. The saddest part is that this has led to the rise of pedophilia. There have been cases where locals have been caught offering kids to tourists in exchange for money. In the coast province young boys d drop out of school because of the lure of the beach. A lot of them do not even complete basic primary education.

” What are doing to our kids?

“Are we supposed to blame it on  poverty, social decay…?”

During low season (March August) when the tourists go back home the young men and women have no source of income, so they turn to prostitution and crime. I think Kenyans as a whole should think very carefully about the negative impacts of tourism.

“The future of our children should be protected at any cost.”